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Hello, and welcome to the brightonSEO Online Academy!
For ten years now we've been organising brightonSEO, it started out as two dozen people in the upstairs room of a pub and quickly expanded to become one of the biggest conference and training events in the world.

But we've always been hamstrung by one thing, you had to be in Brighton on a specific date. Which was tricky if you were on the other-side of the world or just busy that day.

But that's a fairly easy problem to solve.

That's where this online training academy comes in, offering world class, hands on and practical digital marketing training, no matter where you are in the world.


Feedback from Local SEO online live training:

"Greg was a superstar! His energy, expertise and enthusiasm (even with his 4am US start) left me buzzing. I now have many more ideas and confidence to expand my own Local SEO offering."

- Louise Amor, SEO Consultant, Mimosa Marketing Limited

Feedback from Beginners SEO online live training:

"I absolutely recommend this course! It gives a deep and proper presentation of the basics of SEO which will give you tons of inspiration and knowledge - ready to kickstart!"

- Jennie Rudvall, Content Manager, Simple Feast

Feedback from Python for SEO Data Analysis online live training:

"A great introduction into the world of Python for SEO. As the session went on, the cogs were turning in my brain with ideas of how I can use this for my every day work."

- Tom Slaiter, SEO Consultant, Organic Agency